Corpus Christi (2019)

  • Drama
  • 1h 56m


Jan Komasa’s film has achieved success on every level: It reaped dozens of awards, was nominated for an Oscar, and was a box office hit in Poland despite and perhaps because it revolves around a highly controversial subject – the Church. Bartosz Bielenia plays a criminal recently released from prison who settles in a small town posing as a priest with an ease that even he finds surprising. The residents place their trust in the charlatan cleric, and over time, he discovers that they are hiding even bigger secrets. Corpus Christi will captivate the audience from beginning to end due to a script rich with fascinating characters and plot twists, wonderful acting as well as skillful directing.

CC שימו לב שניתן לבחור את שפת הכתוביות בתחתית הנגן בכפתור

פרטים בעברית




English, Hebrew

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