Database Definitions Document According to article 2 of the Privacy Protection Regulations (Data Security), 5777 – 2017:

General Description

The Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel Film Archive (A Registered Society) (“The Society”), honors the privacy of its website users and the users of the website adapted for cellular uses (hereunder together “The Applications”). Wherefore, the Society asks to inform the users about its Privacy Policy, describe the types of information collected when using the Applications, the ways in which it will be used and its purposes as well as the users’ rights in relation to that information. Every use of the Applications, including the purchase of tickets and applications to Customers Service, is subject to this Privacy Policy and is interpreted as evidence to the fact that you agree to it and therefore you are requested to read it carefully. This policy refers to women and men alike.

Data Collection

The use of the website does not require registration or providing details and personal information. That said, in order for you to use some of the services offered on it, such as the purchase of tickets, you’ll be required to provide personal information, including, among others, name, surname, email address, telephone number, payment method, etc. In addition, the Society collects and reserves information received from users when using the applications, such as their purchases history, preferred movies, etc. All these data items will be referred to in this Privacy Policy : “Personal Information”. The Personal Information items collected by the Society within the framework of your use of the Applications, are being provided by you by your own free will and /or are collected by the Society per your consent, and they will be kept in the Society’s database. You are not obliged by law to provide the Personal Information, but if you don’t, you may not be able to use some of the applications or services offered by it. The user is responsible for making sure that all details they provide to the Society, if needed, are true and accurate. In addition to the above, while using the Applications, it is possible that information about you is collected, which does not identify you personally and is not being kept together with your identifying data. This is accumulating statistical information which may include, among other things, the pages reviewed in the Applications, the links followed, websites from which you reached the Applications, the amount of time spent in the Applications, your operating systems, offers, services or movies you have been interested in, your IP address, etc. This information will be referred to hereunder as “Non Identifiable Personal Information”.

Use of Data

The use of Personal Information or Non Identifiable Personal Information by the Society, will be done only according to this Privacy Policy or by the provisions of any mandatory law, in order to – - Enable the use of the various services in the Applications; - Operate and develop the services and contents available in the Applications; - Change or cancel existing services and contents; - Purchase products and services in the Application – including publishing of information and contents; - Adapt the ads presented when you visit the Applications, to your areas of interest; - Enable approaching the Society via the Applications, or registering to the newsletters (subject to the provisions of mandatory laws); - Operate communications between the Society, its customer services and the users regarding the use and the services on the Applications; - Do research or statistical analyses of browsing habits and their characteristics; - Comply with the provisions of mandatory laws and help authorities and other third parties, when the Society believes in good faith that it should do so.

If the user is asked, upon joining the Customers’ Club of the Society, to submit a photo of their face, and if they agree to do so, then the photo will be kept in the Society’s database and it will be subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy regarding Personal Information.

Submitting Personal Information to Third Parties

The Society will be able to transfer to third parties the Personal Information and the Non Identifiable Personal Information in the following cases: - To suppliers, business partners, service providers, contractors, companies providing data storage services, all in order to secure appropriate provision of the services and the contents offered via the Applications, while keeping your privacy. - In case you breach this Privacy Policy, or any other agreement you may have with the Society, or if you perform via or in regards to the Applications, actions with are being seen as unlawful, or if you attempt to perform such actions; - In every case of dispute, complaint, claim, requirement, or court proceedings, if there are any, between you and the Society; - In as far as this is mandated or required by law, if a court order or an order of an authorized authority is received, that orders the Society to submit your details or information about you to a third party; - If the Society transfers the Applications operations to another organization – and also in case of a merger with another entity or a merger of the Applications operations with the activities of a third party – the Society will have the right to transfer to the new organization a copy of the information collected about you in the Applications, or any statistics they have, only insofar as the organization takes upon itself the provisions of this Privacy Policy in regards to you; - When participating in activities the Society publishes and/or when purchasing products or services sold in the Applications in the framework of the joint activity of the Society with third parties (including state authorities), as presented in the Applications prior to the purchase of the said product or service. The Society will have the right to transfer to these partners the information they need in order to complete the purchase, manage the relevant content activity and being in contact with you.

You hereby consent that the transfer of information as described above can be done to third parties out of Israel, even if the country to which and/or where the information is stored promises a lesser degree of security than the degree provided by the Israeli law.


The Society may use “Cookies”, including gathering statistical data about the use of the Applications and verify details in order to adapt the Applications to your personal preferences and for purposes of information security. Cookies are text files that your browser creates by an order received from the Society’s computers. Some of the cookies expire when the browser is closed and others are being stored on your hard drive. The cookies contain a variety of details, such as the pages you visited, how long you stayed there, pages you came from, sections, information you want to see when you open the Applications and more. If you wish to refrain from getting cookies, you can do so by changing the settings of your browser. If you don’t know how to do that, check the help file of your browser.

Information Security

The Society operates up-to-date systems and procedures to secure information in its Applications. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized access, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, the Society does not guarantee that its services and applications are completely immune against unlawful access to the information stored in them. By using and purchasing the Applications you declare that you’ll have no complaint and/or requirement and/or claim against the Society and/or anyone on its behalf because of hackings, intrusions, malfunctions, disruptions and/or because of unlawful use of the Applications and/or the information, provided that the above was not under the control of the Society and that it took reasonable measures to prevent it.

The Right to Review the Information

According to the Protection of Privacy Law 5741 – 1981 (“Protection of Privacy Law”), you have the right to review your personal information which is stored in the Society’s database. If when reviewing this information you find it’s not true, complete, clear, or updated, you have the right, according to the law in force, to ask the Society to amend or delete the information by an email to: If the information in the Society’s databases is used to personally contact you, you may, by the Protection of Privacy Law, require in writing that the information regarding you be erased from the database. Erasing information per your request may cancel the possibility to perform various activities and to prevent use of a part and/or all the Applications.

The Right to Apply to the Privacy Protection Authority

In case you believe we have breached your privacy according to the Protection of Privacy Law, you may, at any time, apply to the Privacy Protection Authority, which is the Israeli entity authorized to implement the Protection of Privacy Law and its regulations. For your convenience, this is the link to the Complaints and Public Applications page of the Privacy Protection Authority:

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This document is updated as of the 1st of July, 2019. The Society clarifies hereby that this document may change from time to time, by its sole discretion, because of technological, organizational or various security incidents, as well as because of additions of contents and new services which may also affect the policy. Therefore, the Society recommends repeatedly reviewing the policy document. In cases where material changes are made to the policy, dealing with personal information you’ve provided, it will be published on the Applications’ home page.