Terms of Use of the Cinematheque’s Website for Purchasing Tickets (hereinafter: the “Terms of Use”)

**General Conditions ** a. The website online.jff.org.il (hereinafter: the “Website”) is operated by Shift72 for the Jerusalem Cinematheque (Registered Association 58-005-927-7) (hereinafter: the “Cinematheque”), the address of which is 11 Hebron Road, POB 8561, Jerusalem.

b. The Cinematheque allows anyone who is interested (hereinafter: the “Purchaser”), to purchase tickets to films participating in the online edition of the Jerusalem Film Festival (hereinafter: the “Event”).

c. The Terms of Use are phrased in the masculine form for convenience only, but refer to both genders.

d. In purchasing tickets through the Website, the Purchaser declares he thoroughly read the Terms of Use set forth below and accepts them with no exception.

e. The Cinematheque reserves its right to change these Terms of Use from time to time; however, any change to the Terms of Use shall apply only to any service given after the same change is made.

f. Headings in the Terms of Use are for the convenience of reference and shall not affect the construction of the Terms of Use.

**Statements of the Purchaser ** 1. The Purchaser declares that he is over the age of 18. The Cinematheque clarifies it is unable to verify that any Purchaser is over the age of 18.

  1. The Purchaser declares he owns a bank account and a valid electronic mail box, and uses a duly issued credit card that belongs to him, or was given permission from such card’s owner to make such use of the same card.

  2. The Purchaser declares that any details he provided and/or will provide in the ticket purchase process through the Website are his correct personal details, including his electronic mail address, full name, telephone number, identity number and credit card number. Delivery of false details and/or use of details of anyone other than the Purchaser are prohibited and may constitute a criminal offense, and such offender is subject to the penalties prescribed by law.

  3. The Purchaser declares that the use of the Website is for personal purposes only.

**Purchase of Tickets ** 5. In any event of scribal error on the Website including in the description of the Event and/or its price, such error shall not bind the Cinematheque. In any event of such scribal error, the Purchaser may cancel the purchase and no cancellation fees shall be charged.

  1. In purchasing tickets online, the Purchaser is required to track the order stages and complete them consecutively and with no intervals, while making sure to enter correct and exact details.

  2. Immediately after the tickets have been ordered, the Cinematheque will send the details of the credit card with which the Purchaser agreed to make the purchase to his credit card company, in order to obtain its approval. The Cinematheque will give the Purchaser an appropriate notice after the approval/rejection of the order by the credit card company. Note that such approval by the credit card company is a precondition to the completion of the purchase process. Upon receipt of the credit card company’s approval of the purchase, the Purchaser’s account shall be charged with the purchase amount.

  3. A notice in respect of the credit card company’s approval and the order details will be sent to the electronic mail box specified by the Purchaser in the registration process.

  4. It is clarified that as long as an order confirmation has not been sent to the Purchaser as set forth in section 8 above, the order shall have no effect.

  5. Where a notice of order confirmation is not received within 15 minutes from the order completion, our box offices must be contacted immediately by phone: *9377.

  6. The Purchaser will receive an order confirmation and an electronic ticket through the mail box specified in the registration process.

  7. The Purchaser acknowledges that there may be faults relating to the operation of the Website as a result of down time or failures in the internet network, whether due to force majeure and/or for operation or upgrade purposes and/or owing to any intentional act of any third party and/or any fault relating to the internet network, and he waives any claim in this respect towards the Cinematheque or anyone acting on its behalf.

**The Films **

  1. The online film screenings take place on the virtual platform of the Jerusalem Film Festival (online.jff.org.il).

**Purchase Cancellation **

  1. Requests to cancel any tickets purchased through the Website or the box offices must be made no later than 72 hours before the Event. Our box offices must be contacted directly by phone: *9377.

  2. Where the tickets were purchased as part of a “quantity benefit”, refund shall be made in a manner that reflects the price of the non-cancelled tickets in the same order.

  3. Where a purchase of tickets is cancelled as required, the Cinematheque will repay the Purchaser his money, subject to the terms set forth herein.

  4. Where the transaction was performed with a credit card, the Cinematheque may also charge the Purchaser with the expenses paid by the Cinematheque to the credit card company for the transaction and/or a cancellation fee equal to 5% (five percent) of the order amount, and up to₪ 100, accordingly with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 5771-2010.

  5. After the purchase of a ticket or a bundle it is possible to watch one or several films for 5 days. From the minute the user starts watching a film (after clicking Play), it is available for 30 hours only.

  6. In the case of early purchase (before the film becomes available), the 5 days will commence on the “date of release” as stated clearly on the website

**Additional Terms ** 20. Without derogation from the foregoing, the Cinematheque may, at its sole discretion, prevent the Purchaser from purchasing tickets through the Website, by blocking him or in any other way, including in any event of unlawful act and/or violation of the Terms of Use and/or intentional delivery of false details and/or act or omission that causes or may cause damage to the Cinematheque and/or any third parties.

  1. The Cinematheque and/or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage the Purchaser or any third party may endure as a result of the purchase of tickets through the Website. The Cinematheque’s responsibility shall be limited, at most, to repayment of the Purchaser’s money.

  2. The laws applicable to the Terms of Use are the laws of Israel. The courts in the city of Jerusalem only shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute between the Cinematheque and the Purchaser, including in connection with the Terms of Use.

  3. The Cinematheque may assign and/or transfer all or any of its rights and obligations under these Terms of Use to anyone, without the user’s permission and without notifying the user.

  4. The Cinematheque may cancel/change films or events at its sole discretion.